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As a father of two young girls, I started my own business in order to create more time and space to be with my family. 

Though Loewen Drafting itself is a fledgling company, I personally have multiple years of experience under my belt as a draftsman and project manager, giving me excellent understanding of both client experience and the work that goes into creating various types of projects.

At Loewen Drafting, I offer custom residential blueprints, as well as 3D renderings of buildings and additions in order to help plan and visualize any changes needing to be made.

At any point, feel free to email me asking for a quote at no cost, with no pressure to purchase. I respond quickly and I communicate with my clients through the whole process. I'm looking forward to hearing from you and hopefully working with you as well.

owner of Loewen Drafting

Duane Kennedy Loewen


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